I don’t consider myself a lucky person. I don’t win the lottery (probably because I rarely play it). I never walk out of a casino with more money in my pocket than I went in with. I rarely win raffles.

Hass avocados from Paradise Grove California

Yummy avocados.

So I was thrilled to have won a basket of 6 lbs. of California Hass avocados from Paradise Grove in California on a recent Twitter party. It’s winter here, and fresh produce is usually limited to greens and root vegetables, unless we buy imported-from-another-country berries or veggies — which we rarely do.

The avocados came with a Molcajete bowl, football-themed napkins, and organic guacamole mix — right up our alley, except maybe for the football napkins. (It was part of a Super Bowl party pack.) I can’t wait to whip up my egg salad with avocado and try out some other recipes with these avocados, but I will have to wait a bit — they’re not quite ripe yet.

Hass avocados from Paradise Grove California

Avocados with Molcajejete bowl and guacamole mix.

What’s your favorite avocado recipe? Leave the link below!


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