Parenting is all about compromise. Like when my daughter wants to wear a summer dress when it’s 20 degrees outside. Or my son wants to eat nothing but crackers all day. And the latest compromise — going somewhere I really have no desire to go. But for my daughter, it’ll be the biggest surprise of her six years of life.

It involves Hello Kitty.

No, we’re not going to Japan. But my husband was tooling around the web and found a restaurant in our area that hosts a Hello Kitty tea a couple times a year. With a Hello Kitty character apparently walking around and greeting guests. The dates had passed for last year, but via Twitter he was able to get in touch and find out the dates the event is being offered this year. We’re going to buy tickets and surprise her.

We’ve done these character meetings before — we (she) met Dora and Diego and a few of the Wonder Pets when we stayed at the Nickelodeon otel in Florida. But this is going to blow her mind.

Character meeting with Dora and Diego at Nickelodeon Hotel

Note the Hello Kitty t-shirt.

Have you as a parent traveled somewhere with your kids merely for their sake? Leave your story in the comments!


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