My husband and I are currently keeping a secret from our children. Well, truth be told, we keep lots of secrets from them — most of which they will end up finding out about sooner or later (hopefully later).

But this one’s a good one — and one we want to hold onto until the day it happens. It’s a trip out of state to see Thomas the Tank Engine at the Day Out with Thomas event (you can read about our experience last year on TravelingMom).

We’re keeping it a secret to see the surprise and joy on their little faces when Thomas peeps into the station. And, if you must know, we’re also not telling them because, the second we do, they will immediately think that we are going to get right in the car and go and see Thomas right then and there. But we won’t. For a couple of weeks. And in kid world, it might as well be in the next century.

Do you keep travel secrets from your kids?


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