Migun Thermal Automatic Far Infrared massage beds at Natural Recharge Center Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Happiness is a warm Migun Thermal Automatic Far Infrared massage bed.

On the second floor of an unassuming office building in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., is an oasis of natural healing. Natural Recharge Center offers services to reduce pain, stress, and inflammation, and to promote health and wellness for the body. I recently had the chance to meet its owners, David Sherman, Amy Wellein and Brad Kegebein, and undergo a Functional Movement Screening (FMS) test as part of my pre-half-marathon training.

What is a Functional Movement Screening? It’s a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function and finds weaknesses that might be making you overcompensate in other areas, thus causing pain or discomfort. Since I was feeling little discomfort at the time, save for a little soreness from the previous day’s run, I was fairly confident that I’d ace this test.

Brad Kegebein, Functional Movement Specialist, Natural Recharge Center Michigan

Here, Brad makes the hurdle step over test look easy.

I met Brad, Functional Movement Specialist, for the hour-long session at the newly expanded Natural Recharge Center (formerly MigunLiving) on West Maple near Telegraph Road. Brad took me back to the Functional Movement area, where we chatted about my current running regiment, the shoes I run in and how I refuel. He gave me a few tips about the Detroit Half-Marathon, having run it himself in the past (no passport required on the day of the race—phew!).

Then he led me through the FMS test, in which I performed three deep squats while holding a long measuring stick. Despite the soreness in my legs, the squats were easy enough. Next in the screening was the hurdle step-over task, in which I had to hold the stick behind my shoulders and step forward over a rubber band and back. This one was a little trickier and I found myself turning out my hip on one side, a telltale sign of tightness on that side.

Next came lunges, then a shoulder mobility screening that measured the distance between my fists when I put my arms behind my back, one over my shoulder and the other under. My low score couldn’t hide the shoulder tightness I’ve been having lately.

I did better on the straight leg raises, although not great – my hamstrings have been tight lately, too. Finally, it was time for one of my least-favorite exercises: push ups. I did two, a sign that my core strength could use some improvement.

Natural Recharge Center Michigan

Brad demonstrates high pulley exercise to loosen up my shoulders.

In all, I received a passing grade on the Functional Movement screen – and plenty of advice on how to strengthen my weaker areas (yes, this test came with homework!). Brad walked me through a few exercises that can help to loosen up the sore or tight spots and restore more mechanically sound movement,thus decreasing pain or avoiding injuries and improving my running. While the screening can be an analysis of movement, it can also be used to track progress and improvement. Brad can also monitor FMS scores and track progress of individuals as they do the exercises he suggests to build strength and restore proper movement.

Natural Recharge Center in Bloomfield Hills MichiganNatural Recharge Center in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Exterior of the Natural Recharge Center in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

After the FMS screening, I was ready to relax. I was led to the Migun Thermal Automatic Far Infrared massage beds, which provide gentle rolling pressure from head to toe. It took a few minutes to get used to the feeling, but I found my tension and stress melting away as I lay on the warm bed.


Special Offer and Grand Opening at Natural Recharge Center
The Natural Recharge Center is hosting a ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony on May 14 from 4-7pm.

What’s more, they’re offering an exclusive offer to my readers, valid through May 31:

  • Migun Bed Packages – An additional session added for each 5 sessions purchased. For example, purchase a 10 pack and get 2 free ($40 value).
  • 10% off the purchase of a Massage Bed or Migun Mat.
  • A Functional Movement Evaluation and training can be purchased for $45 (half off the $90 value).
  • Laser LiteCure Packages – Any package purchased that was referred through this site can get an additional session for free ($85 value).


Disclosure: The Natural Recharge Center hosted me and provided services to me as a TweetTeam.com member. All opinions are my own.


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