Utilization of Marijuana in Medicine from Time to Time

Ownership, planting, and consumption of cannabis or marijuana (cannabis) are considered illegal in many countries. In fact, this plant has been used in the world of medicine for thousands of years ago. Marijuana is considered an herbal plant by physicians in the days of ancestors. This plant is considered a potent medicine for relieving pain to anxiety. Since ancient times, hemp (one type of cannabis plant which has a lighter effect than marijuana) is an agricultural product that is used for use as oil, seeds, and fiber used to make ropes and clothing.

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China is said to be the first country to use hemp. This plant is grown for food and other benefits. From this country also cannabis plants as medicine are introduced to other countries. Marijuana as a pain reliever and other diseases then spread to Asia to the Middle East and Africa. According to Chinese legend, Emperor Shen Neng (2737 BC) was the leader who officially prescribed marijuana tea for treatment. At that time marijuana was used to relieve pain and treat various conditions, including urinary asthma, rheumatism, malaria, and weak memory.

But doctors remind patients not to use it excessively because they believe it can make someone “see the devil”. In contrast to the Western world and some Asian countries such as China and Japan, India has always been closest to the use of marijuana, both for treatment, religious ceremonies, recreation, and spiritual.

Marijuana plants are often mixed in special drinks to bring pleasure and treatment effects. One popular drink is bhang, a mixture of cannabis paste (made from leaves and buds), milk, spices, and ghee. This drink is considered to have efficacy in relieving anxiety. Besides that, bhang is also a medicine to cure fever, dysentery, indigestion, and make us more vigilant.

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