History of Hemp and Marijuana Worldwide

Botanists agree there are some 390,000+ different species of plants on Planet Earth. None have been so controversial and taken on such a nefarious identity quite like cannabis. It’s been blacklisted for more than a hundred years because the buds of the female cannabis plant contain tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a psychoactive agent that produces a […]

Non-Pharma / Opioid Chronic Pain Treatment Alternatives

Unfortunate developments are a part of life, and the fact that things sometimes don’t go as you’d hoped they would is something we all have to accept. Chronic pain can be the result of debilitating medical conditions or severe injuries. While we might wish they’d never happened, the fact is that they did and the […]

Don’t be ashamed to buy medical marijuana

Cannabis plants contain psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) substances. Can make people feel euphoric and relax and can also relieve pain. The flower of cannabis plants that contain very high amounts of THC is used to produce marijuana. Some species of marijuana do not contain THC at all and are planted for textile fiber production. To get […]

Utilization of Marijuana in Medicine from Time to Time

Ownership, planting, and consumption of cannabis or marijuana (cannabis) are considered illegal in many countries. In fact, this plant has been used in the world of medicine for thousands of years ago. Marijuana is considered an herbal plant by physicians in the days of ancestors. This plant is considered a potent medicine for relieving pain […]

History of Marijuana Use for Medicine

Amid the Middle Ages, weed was an exceptionally prominent medication in the Middle East. Since wine is restricted in Islam, numerous Muslims wind up smoking hashish (the Arabic word for marijuana), which is additionally alluded to as “grass”. Middle Easterners additionally utilize pot in pharmaceutical. In medieval circumstances, Europeans utilized weed to treat tumors, hacks, […]